A Tribute To My Baba…..My Hero!

My grandfather has been a great source of inspiration and courage to me throughout my teenage years. He understood the rebellion storm that continuously brewed inside me, nurturing and carefully molding it into something that was both acceptable to my parents and the society. Sadly God choose to deprive me of his unwavering love and care; he went to His heavenly abode in the middle of autumn of last year. So here I am, sharing a narrative about unforgettable times spend with him:     

“To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word boo.”

I have always enjoyed the perks of being the first grandchild in our family. Baba would always pamper me.The earliest memory that I can recall of him is going to a Dusshera Mela  and buying the prettiest doll on display plus the biggest balloon I ever saw. It was such a wonderful evening.

I have spend some of the chiefly important times of my life with him. It was under his care that I took my board exams and came out with flying colors. Picking me up from school and dropping me on time was his sole mission besides feeding me the best chicken and meat on this planet. Yes, with a dose of Whiskey at night, to energize him!

Now who can boast of tasting their first alcoholic beverage with their grandfather? Well, I can.He was never an orthodox person. Always liberal in everything. Supplementing my pocket money secretly without informing Papa about it. No wonder I was envied by my friends.

My day was incomplete without a scandalous history session with him! He recited to me political anecdotes from the past which one could never find in a book; they were only witnessed.He was such a great story teller!

He had an awe-inspiring aura about hime.Although my friends at college had only met him once,they could never forget his classic personality.His dressing style was impeccable.And his bold authoritative voice could send a shiver down many people’s spine.

 Gardening and cooking were the two most beloved hobbies he had.Feeding his grandkids with the best muglai cuisine was his passion;Of course each of the preparations had a story behind them.

He was a carefree person,never begrudging anyone;not even those who played foul with him.He never cared about money;only the happiness of the family members , specially children.

Though he is physically not with us today,he will remain in my hearts forever.I am sure he accomplished a lot in his professional life but to me as a granddaughter,his biggest accomplishment was leaving behind a well knit loving family.He was in my life for a very short span;but in that time he showed me what the “grand” in grandfather stands for.

May you soul RIP Baba! Miss you a lot.


SCARRED BY TREACHERY ……how could you?


I’ve had this notion,
You give my life some motion,
To push me in the right direction,
To pull me out of all complications,

The exuberance in your voice,
Didn’t make me blink twice,
I’d skip a heartbeat,
To accomplish any feat,

You were my inspiration ,
You were my destination,
You were my sure shot ticket to celebrations,

Little did I know,
I was just your playful doe,
To be fiddled and meddled with,
And left alone to moan,

You never bothered to know,
The questions that were sown,
Deep into my soul,
Tucked under my brow,

Was it just lust?
getting it was a must!
Did it quench your thirst?
Or was I just your first!

Bubbling underneath is a voice,
Seemingly a little novice,
But one fine day it will hoist,
Until that time you may rejoice!!!

A yearning from a lost soul…..


My soul silently weeping
My eyes deeply moistened

Looking into the faraway horizon I see the sky gently touching earthen beauty

Ahhh ! How they rejoice at their communion!Heavenly downpour expressing its love for its partner

Ahhh ! How I ‘ve never experienced such immense joy in my heart. Why is the communion never joyous ?

A nagging in my heart ,like a scared child  half-hidden behind a door, urging me to escape

To escape far far faraway…..



Don’t waste your time,
Its not worth a dime,
Its not something that’s gonna chime,
Between any conversation of yours and mine.

You ought to know ,
I did-not intend to show,
The gloominess inside me,
Where nothing ever glows,

Despondence and dolefulness has become the way of life
Although I strive strive  and  strive
To make everything bright

One wrong step and you’re doomed,
Doesn’t life give you another chance to bloom?,
Pray to thee to make everything alright ,
but its back to square one every single time!!!