First Love…


First love is a cupid’s play,
Everything is perfect;what can I say!
Summer breeze makes the flowers sway,
Scintillating music,beatific scenery all along the way.

I was new to the city,didn’t know anyone,
Saw you playing football,it seemed like fun,
For days your face flashed like the sun,
I was smitten by you;dear lord! What have you done?

Then came across you in a bookshop,
And we started talking nonstop,
Until we were shushed by a lady in white top,
We promised to meet the next day-for a morning walk,

Although something magical was brewing between us,
I did not want to rush,
Why complicate things and make a fuss?
But Love had other plans;we hopped onto the bus.

Swimming in a whirlpool of romance,
We kissed,we sang and we danced,
Every morning was a dreamy bliss,
And every night a holiday in Swiss!

As each period of mourning is followed by delight,
Each period of amour is followed by a fight,
Keeping our ego out of sight,
little by little I knew our love was right.

I was the reacher, you the settler,
But love was the ultimate leveler,
Sharing secrets buried in our heart’s cellar,
We understood each-other without an interpreter.

I Promised to be by your side,
No matter high or low tide,
Strolling down lanes narrow or wide,
We pledged to be one another’s guide.

Though I wanted my first love to be my last,
our relationship became a thing of the past,
As we wanted things that were in contrast,
Still a decade with you will forever remain unsurpassed.

I have no grudges or hard feelings
Just fond memories of lovely meetings,
Wish you all the best for future proceedings,
May you find everything that you’ve been dreaming.


The B**** Queen

Women  have to put in twice as much effort as men to prove their worth;be it professionally or personally.They have long been considered weak because of  their compassionate  nature .Therefore it is time to show the world what happens when a woman decides to put her foot down.


Instant fame that’s my name,
Boys play game I make them tame,
One polishes my toenail,
The other gets my diamonds without fail .

Gucci Armani Dolce & Gabbana,
The latest fashion from Americana,
I got ’em all ’em all,
When you look at ’em,
Eyes will pop and jaws will fall.

Others hope to own the world,
I already have it twirled,
Followers here there everywhere,
They are my pride;never a scare.

The whole universe is my stage,
Never seen the inside of a cage,
Bad-asses recoil under my rage,
‘Em here to stay;not a passing phase.

Muscle power could never bow me down,
Only provoking me to go up uptown,
You could throw me a disgusting frown,
Couldn’t care if I looked like a clown.

Call me a bitch if you wish,
But I’d take the same decisions without a hitch,
The world may be cruel,
But darling,I am here to rule.

Dear Brother…..You are awesome!

On the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan,I’d like to dedicate this post to all the brothers and sister.May you always be blessed with such love,care and affection.
“Look,Mama! She’s walking”,
About me, you were talking,
Trotting with my tiny feet,
I fumbled towards you to meet,

Dropping the school bag you hugged me tight,
Proving you were mightiest of the might,
Then commenced fighting on the lunch table,
Which only Mother’s shout could disable,

Gliding your hand through my store,
You said,”Harry Potter is a such a bore”
This gibe made  me extremely sore,
Running through your open door,
REVENGE REVENGE is all I roar,
WWF cards and comics strips as I tore!

In middle school I had my first crush,
And you were like- “why the sudden rush”,
In a month’s time my heart was rendered,
The look in your eyes made me wonder,
Is that how a brother thunders?
Poor guy, had his ribs broken,
Acquired a scar on his face as token!

“Hey!you should be a journalist”
“No,No, becoming a doctor is a bliss”
“Man! Career in Architecture should top your list”
All this confusion made my inside twist,
Consumed with frustration I  clenched my fist,
Your advice came as a ray of hope!
“Don’t worry little sister their is Enough Scope,
For you to explore more and more”

All these years you’ve been my savior,
To you I owe my natural behavior,
Encouraging me despite my failures,
Dear Brother,Thank-you for believing in me and making me a warrior!!!

SCARRED BY TREACHERY ……how could you?


I’ve had this notion,
You give my life some motion,
To push me in the right direction,
To pull me out of all complications,

The exuberance in your voice,
Didn’t make me blink twice,
I’d skip a heartbeat,
To accomplish any feat,

You were my inspiration ,
You were my destination,
You were my sure shot ticket to celebrations,

Little did I know,
I was just your playful doe,
To be fiddled and meddled with,
And left alone to moan,

You never bothered to know,
The questions that were sown,
Deep into my soul,
Tucked under my brow,

Was it just lust?
getting it was a must!
Did it quench your thirst?
Or was I just your first!

Bubbling underneath is a voice,
Seemingly a little novice,
But one fine day it will hoist,
Until that time you may rejoice!!!



Don’t waste your time,
Its not worth a dime,
Its not something that’s gonna chime,
Between any conversation of yours and mine.

You ought to know ,
I did-not intend to show,
The gloominess inside me,
Where nothing ever glows,

Despondence and dolefulness has become the way of life
Although I strive strive  and  strive
To make everything bright

One wrong step and you’re doomed,
Doesn’t life give you another chance to bloom?,
Pray to thee to make everything alright ,
but its back to square one every single time!!!