First Love…


First love is a cupid’s play,
Everything is perfect;what can I say!
Summer breeze makes the flowers sway,
Scintillating music,beatific scenery all along the way.

I was new to the city,didn’t know anyone,
Saw you playing football,it seemed like fun,
For days your face flashed like the sun,
I was smitten by you;dear lord! What have you done?

Then came across you in a bookshop,
And we started talking nonstop,
Until we were shushed by a lady in white top,
We promised to meet the next day-for a morning walk,

Although something magical was brewing between us,
I did not want to rush,
Why complicate things and make a fuss?
But Love had other plans;we hopped onto the bus.

Swimming in a whirlpool of romance,
We kissed,we sang and we danced,
Every morning was a dreamy bliss,
And every night a holiday in Swiss!

As each period of mourning is followed by delight,
Each period of amour is followed by a fight,
Keeping our ego out of sight,
little by little I knew our love was right.

I was the reacher, you the settler,
But love was the ultimate leveler,
Sharing secrets buried in our heart’s cellar,
We understood each-other without an interpreter.

I Promised to be by your side,
No matter high or low tide,
Strolling down lanes narrow or wide,
We pledged to be one another’s guide.

Though I wanted my first love to be my last,
our relationship became a thing of the past,
As we wanted things that were in contrast,
Still a decade with you will forever remain unsurpassed.

I have no grudges or hard feelings
Just fond memories of lovely meetings,
Wish you all the best for future proceedings,
May you find everything that you’ve been dreaming.


The B**** Queen

Women  have to put in twice as much effort as men to prove their worth;be it professionally or personally.They have long been considered weak because of  their compassionate  nature .Therefore it is time to show the world what happens when a woman decides to put her foot down.


Instant fame that’s my name,
Boys play game I make them tame,
One polishes my toenail,
The other gets my diamonds without fail .

Gucci Armani Dolce & Gabbana,
The latest fashion from Americana,
I got ’em all ’em all,
When you look at ’em,
Eyes will pop and jaws will fall.

Others hope to own the world,
I already have it twirled,
Followers here there everywhere,
They are my pride;never a scare.

The whole universe is my stage,
Never seen the inside of a cage,
Bad-asses recoil under my rage,
‘Em here to stay;not a passing phase.

Muscle power could never bow me down,
Only provoking me to go up uptown,
You could throw me a disgusting frown,
Couldn’t care if I looked like a clown.

Call me a bitch if you wish,
But I’d take the same decisions without a hitch,
The world may be cruel,
But darling,I am here to rule.