Dear Brother…..You are awesome!

On the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan,I’d like to dedicate this post to all the brothers and sister.May you always be blessed with such love,care and affection.
“Look,Mama! She’s walking”,
About me, you were talking,
Trotting with my tiny feet,
I fumbled towards you to meet,

Dropping the school bag you hugged me tight,
Proving you were mightiest of the might,
Then commenced fighting on the lunch table,
Which only Mother’s shout could disable,

Gliding your hand through my store,
You said,”Harry Potter is a such a bore”
This gibe made  me extremely sore,
Running through your open door,
REVENGE REVENGE is all I roar,
WWF cards and comics strips as I tore!

In middle school I had my first crush,
And you were like- “why the sudden rush”,
In a month’s time my heart was rendered,
The look in your eyes made me wonder,
Is that how a brother thunders?
Poor guy, had his ribs broken,
Acquired a scar on his face as token!

“Hey!you should be a journalist”
“No,No, becoming a doctor is a bliss”
“Man! Career in Architecture should top your list”
All this confusion made my inside twist,
Consumed with frustration I  clenched my fist,
Your advice came as a ray of hope!
“Don’t worry little sister their is Enough Scope,
For you to explore more and more”

All these years you’ve been my savior,
To you I owe my natural behavior,
Encouraging me despite my failures,
Dear Brother,Thank-you for believing in me and making me a warrior!!!


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