SCARRED BY TREACHERY ……how could you?


I’ve had this notion,
You give my life some motion,
To push me in the right direction,
To pull me out of all complications,

The exuberance in your voice,
Didn’t make me blink twice,
I’d skip a heartbeat,
To accomplish any feat,

You were my inspiration ,
You were my destination,
You were my sure shot ticket to celebrations,

Little did I know,
I was just your playful doe,
To be fiddled and meddled with,
And left alone to moan,

You never bothered to know,
The questions that were sown,
Deep into my soul,
Tucked under my brow,

Was it just lust?
getting it was a must!
Did it quench your thirst?
Or was I just your first!

Bubbling underneath is a voice,
Seemingly a little novice,
But one fine day it will hoist,
Until that time you may rejoice!!!


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